Javascript Menu Master

Javascript Menu Master 2.8

With Javascript Menu Master you can create menus for your web designs

With Javascript Menu Master you can create menus for your web designs.
No programming knowledge is required. The software is developed in Visual Basic and you need a Visual Basic interpreter installed in your computer.
The program lets you define global style properties for menus, such as font, colors and dimensions. Also you can set specific background and text colors to individual menu items. It incorporates a tutorial on menu creation that you can follow to get started. Links in the menu can open in the same window or in a new window.
After you finish the creation of the menu, the generated code will be in a clipboard and you can copy and paste into your page along with instructions on where to paste it. You can preview the menu in your default browser by clicking a button in the tab bar. To preview the menu in other browser, copy the address link generated by the program to the other browser. This is a good software for beginners, but as a web designer I must warn you, this software is just for kids. It works on Firefox or Opera browsers, but if you change the properties such as background or text colors, it doesn't work. The generated code is too dirty, styles are in the same options, which is a bad practice. Besides, to go to the links of the options, you need to click the button, you can't go directly by clicking the option, that sucks. I will not recommend this software if you want to learn to make professional web design.

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  • Menus can be created faster
  • Styles of buttons and items can be selected freely


  • It is just for beginners
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